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Non-Resident Alien Home Loan

non-resident alien home loan

Buying a house as a non-resident alien in the United States might be easier than you think, especially when you apply for Cherry Creek Mortgage’s Non-Resident Alien Mortgage Loan.

If you’re a foreign resident without a green card, a visa or a Social Security number, you need a lender experienced in working with foreign buyers.

Don’t get discouraged if you’ve been turned down for a loan in the past, and don’t give up on the search for affordable lending. We offer programs that are tailored specifically to help non-citizens achieve their goal of homeownership. If you have verifiable income, a valid passport and a foreign credit report, you might be eligible for mortgage financing up to $5 million. 

Reach out to me to schedule a consultation to learn how you can qualify for financing as a non-resident alien.

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