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No Lender Fees

no lender fees

Did you also know that paying large down payments are not the norm any longer?

Many of our popular programs such as FHA, Conventional, and the Native American Section 184 Program offer low down payment options. Other programs, such as USDA and VA, offer no down payment options for eligible borrowers! Some of our programs allow borrowers to use gift funds to cover some - or all - of their down payment requirements.

Plus, at Cherry Creek Mortgage, we do not charge you lender or processing fees, further lowering your out of pocket costs*.

That’s right, all borrowers benefit from no lender fees being charged.

*There will be costs associated with your transaction such as fees charged for services performed by third parties (e.g. title fees) and discount points you elect to pay to lower your rate. Your total closing costs will also include prepaid finance charges and tax/insurance escrow payments.

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